Getting accustomed to “la vie” in Paris


A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the first few days in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

Woke up to start the morning with a fresh glass of OJ from the local convenience store. This orange juice making machine is all over Paris- how convenient! The first 5 days of my travels here have been busy and fun-filled. I checked-in to my school and took my first language test. I was given a B2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)- an assessment guide for language proficiency with levels A1-C2 which is used by many countries throughout the world. C2 is considered fluent. So my goal by the end of my studies here is to reach at least C1, if not C2. Looking forward to starting classes Feb. 8th.

The other days since my arrival have included trips to the Memorial of Shoah,  the Eiffel Tower, Sainte-Chapelle, Centre Pompidou, the Orangerie Museum and the Bastille Market. I am happy to have figured out the metro system and the Velib bike services- other great conveniences in Paris.

Some of the highlights from the last week: finding an amazing cheese fondu restaurant in the Marais district called Vin, Pain et Fromage, relaxing in the oval room with Monet’s Water Lilies, and standing inside Sainte-Chapelle with the natural light illuminating hundreds of pieces of stained glass.


Français  French  フランスご

Je suis très contente d’être en France avec tout le confort moderne (le métro, le Vélib etc.). Après avoir pris l’examen de français à mon école, je suis au niveau de B2. Alors, je voudrais devenir C1 ou 2 à la fin de mon voyage. Je suis prête de commencer mes études.

Je faisais du tourisme cette semaine. Michel et moi, nous sommes allées au Mémorial de Shoah, à la Tour Eiffel, à la Sainte-Chapelle, au Musée de l’Orangerie, à la Bastille , et au Centre Pompidou. Le Centre Pompidou a célébré son anniversaire de 40 ans ce week-end.

日本語  Japanese  Japonais




Hexda̱n leda humu’wilas.


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