Living Like A Local


(Photo taken at the Catacombs)

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

Before Michael’s departure back to Canada, we went to the famous Catacombs in Paris. It was interesting to see this after I had shown my students in Port Hardy a documentary about this exact spot. In Paris, much effort has gone into the housing of ones who have passed away, with the various museums, Republic buildings, cemeteries, and Catacombs. I just finished some reading in my French textbook about all the famous ones, including Marie Curie, at the Panthéon.  Great reverence is apparent at all these places.

My recent days have been spent attending school, exploring different neighbourhoods and trying to live the daily life along with the locals. This includes eating the supposedly best falafels in the world at L’As du Falafel where there is a line up daily and nightly. I have also been doing lots of walking with strolls along the Seine and in the areas of Belleville, Montmartre, Marais, and Galaries Lafayette. One of the funniest things I have seen while walking along and admiring store window displays was an outfit in a mens’ store. It was a shirt and cargo pant set. Every inch of the clothing was covered in different sized pockets. Imagine trying to find something you tucked away. Better yet, imagine filling each pocket and then being asked to “empty your pockets”.


(The famous falafel restaurant)

Fashion here is definitely eye-catching and there is no better spot to look at clothes than at Galaries Lafayette. I walked through on Saturday and it was so busy with shoppers buying the latest in high quality brand names. I also enjoyed going to Cinema Studio 38 on Friday night to watch a French film called Corniche Kennedy. It was on one of the nights when the cinema adds English subtitles for those of us learning French. How glad I was to have the subtitles as the actors spoke exceedingly quickly with a Marseille dialect. I learned a few new ways of saying things including: T’es for Tu es in addition to some swear words that I had never heard before. The scenery in the movie was amazing, along the coast with the deepest blue seas. This coming week, a photography course along with some art history, French civilization and French poetry and song conferences begin. I will keep you posted on how it goes…


(A busy Saturday at Galeries Lafayette)

Français  French  フランスご

Avant le départ de Michel au Canada, nous sommes allés aux Catacombs. Les Catacombs où existent millions de personnes mortes sont très émouvants. En plus, ce qui est intéressant, c’est qu’ il y ait beaucoup d’autres sont enterrés aux édifices de la République tels que le Panthéon, les cimetières, et musées à travers la ville. Je viens de lire de Marie Curie et les autres (au Panthéon) dans un livre pour mes cours de français.

J’essaie de vivre la vie quotidienne typique comme les personnes du coin, en marchant dans les quartiers différents tels que Belleville, Montmartre, Marais et dans les rues près des Galeries Lafayette. J’ai vu de la mode très intéressante. En regardant des décorations de vitrines, j’ai trouvé une chemise et un pantalon qui sont couverts de poches. En général, la mode est très chic à Paris et le meilleur endroit pour voir la mode est aux Galeries Lafayette.

En plus, je suis allée regarder un film français, Corniche Kennedy, dans lequel le paysage est très beau. Quant à de bonne nourriture cette semaine, les falafels au L’As Fallafel sont très délicieux.

À l’école cette semaine, de nouveaux cours et conférences commence pour moi.


(Fashion in the Marais district)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais



今週 学校で新しいコースが始まります。


Hexda̱n leda da̱gidzas.  Hexda̱n leda ka̱lwilas. Hexdan leda ha̱’ma̱’elas. Hexda̱n leda ḵas’ida’.

Latłan tłax yuda̱x̱wp̓a̱nxwat̓sa̱n x̱tła lax̱ sku’lat̓si.

10 thoughts on “Living Like A Local

  1. Great work on the blog Stacia (neighbour)! It looks like you are making the most of your trip! Enjoy the rest of your stay and I’m sure you will be successful in your French goals. Stay safe.


  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences so we can live vicariously through you Stacia! I’m so impress with your descriptions in 4 languages! Wow! Safe travels to Michael. I’m sure you shared wonderful exploring adventures together. Hugs
    The photos are so interesting!


  3. It’s so interesting to read of your adventures Stacia. They’re much more ‘real’ than the posts by people who are vacationing in a place for a week or two. Thank you for keeping us connected to you and your experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That outfit is ridiculous. I do love the efforts Parisians go to in order to stay ‘current’. When I lived there the women were wearing black embroidered coats with bright circles or swirls on them. Quite like styles found in Suzanne and Jenny’s in Campbell River actually. Quirky fashion except that so many people wore the same! Are the metro men still into fitted black coats with poibty shiny shoes and a cashmere scarf? That seems to be a classic. I’m glad you got to the catacombs. I wish I had booked to visit you!


    1. Oui, and guess how much that crazy outfit costs- 5,000 Euro for the whole ensemble. Yes, the guys fashion is still the same and the women are all in black and grey. Tons of fur and faux fur here, especially on the hoods of puffy jackets. You don’t really see real fur anymore in Canada. Considered taboo I think now.


      1. So strange! Fur is quite taboo in the UK and I just assumed in France too (apart from the uber wealthy) but I suppose the Parisians are slaves to fashion. I have fur on my mukluks and used to have some rabbit fur lined boots in Germany and a fur hood on my Winter coat which in Winnipeg did make a huge difference by comparison to the coat I had before. There’s always been lots of faux fur in Europe though and some of them look very authentic. Wow 5000 Euro is incredible! What a bargain for all those pockets! Not.


  5. Definitely not your father’s cargo pants…. The real question is; would they allow these in the snooty “Dress code in effect” clubs that state “No cargo pants”?


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