Studies in the French Language and the Arts


(A stall at the Bastille Market)

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

My French studies have been intense. We are going at a very quick rate, but I am learning lots and am trying to use my French on daily excursions. One place where I get to use my French quite a bit is at the Bastille Market where I go every Sunday. I am starting to frequent some of the same stalls and getting to know the proprietors. One phrase that I have been using is “Ça m’égal” when choosing between two items and every time I have used it, I get funny looks. According to a textbook that I have in Canada, this expression means “It doesn’t matter either way”, but as I have found out in Paris now this phrase has quite a negative connotation and in its worst sense it can mean “I don’t care, or I don’t give a   ****.”  No wonder the funny looks!

Besides language studies, we also have courses focused on culture. There are many options for these courses and I have chosen: song/poetry, history of art and literature/history. Why these choices for my 3 options? I figured the songs, poetry, and literature would be useful when I am teaching students in Canada. The art history course for me is something that I have never studied before. I am finding it extremely interesting. These teachers are captivating as they use the method of story telling to teach us their subject matter. I have learned about famous singers and songs from various Parisian neighbourhoods, the highlights of Egyptian art and Parisian architecture, as well as, the grand amour of two of the greatest romantic writers in French history: Alfred de Musset and Georges Sand. I also registered in an extra photography course on Monday nights. This is another subject that I have never studied before. The professor for this course is very creative and has been a journalist around the world. Some of you may be interested in his website: Francesco Acerbis

Other forms of art that have fascinated me and that can be found everywhere in Paris include: live music and the graffiti. These will definitely be blog topics in the future.

As far as the best restaurant for this week, it is called Biglove Caffé, a quaint delicious Italian restaurant where they bring in all the ingredients from Italy and create beautiful artisanal meals.


(Graffiti made with origami paper instead of paint on a street corner)

Français  French  フランスご

Mes études en français avaient été difficiles mais j’apprends beaucoup. J’essaie de parler français chaque jour. Par exemple, je parle français avec les propriétaires au Marché Bastille. Une phrase que j’ai utilisé beaucoup était <<Ça m’est égal>> quand j’ai eu une choix entre deux choses pour ça veut dire “It doesn’t matter” mais j’ai  récemment appris que ce mot a une connotation très négative. Ça explique les regards étranges à moi.

En plus d’étudier la langue française, je prends aussi des cours au sujet de culture. En ce qui concerne le culture, j’ai décidé d’apprendre la chanson/poésie française, l’histoire de art, et la littérature. Pourquoi ces cours pour moi? Je pense que la chanson, la poésie, et la littérature seront bonnes et utiles pour mes étudiants au Canada. Je n’ai jamais étudié l’histoire d’art. C’est un sujet très intéressant. Les profs de ces cours sont fantastiques et ils enseignant en racontant des histoires. J’ai déjà appris de chanteurs and chansons célèbres, d’artistes influents et de grand amour de deux des meilleurs écrivains: Alfred de Musset et George Sand. En plus, j’appris la photographie. Ce prof est aussi bon. Il est journaliste est très créatif. Son site web:FrancescoAcerbis

J’aime aussi la musique et le graffiti qui se trouve n’importe où à Paris. J’ écrirai de la musique et du graffiti plus tard.

Pour le meilleur restaurant cette semaine? C’est Biglove Caffé, un restaurant italien qui fait des plats artisanals avec des ingrédients frais de l’Italie.


(Medical students raising funds as they play music for the audience outside Palace Garnier)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais



一番好きなレストランはBiglove Cafféでした。美味しいイタリアのりょうりです。

 Music at market.png

(Musicians playing at the Bastille Market)


Hexda̱n leda ka̱wilas. Ka̱lwana̱m t̓siwa̱nu, sup, kalitsa, aba̱ls, t̓łut̓ła̱p̓imas. Dux̱watłala̱n ga̱t̓inux.


(Outside the delicious Italian restaurant called Biglove Caffé)

2 thoughts on “Studies in the French Language and the Arts

  1. That origami graffitti is really pretty and how original! It sounds like you are keeping very busy. I look forward to seeing how your Parisian photography progresses while taking that photography course – it’ll be useful for when you get back to the North Island too!


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