A Few More Discoveries

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

For the last week I have spent a lot of my time reading French literature and searching for opportunities to speak French outside of class. I have also been on a hunt to find just the right images for my photography class.

It was quite a pleasant surprise this week when I was in my French literature course and the prof starting reading a short story by Guy de Maupassant and I had a feeling that I had heard it before. In fact, it was  La Parure  (1884) which is known as “The Necklace” in English. For many years, I have enjoyed teaching this very story in my English classes back in Canada. It was the first time ever that I had heard the original French version from start to finish. It is amazing how the same story written in different languages can leave different impressions. The language and details have such a richer impact in French than in the translated English compact version.


(A cover of Maupassant’s famous short story)

Daily outings have me using my French in stores and restaurants. I made it to the most famous bakery, Du Pain et Des Idées, one day after school this week, as it is closed on weekends. The croissants there are some of the best I are ever had. I also went into a new waffle restaurant that just opened in my neighbourhood and I ordered a savoury salmon waffle (I know it sounds odd, but it was delicious). When ordering, I am getting used to the terms emporter or sur place for take out or eat in. In addition, I have joined a group that meets up for café conversations.  Today it was group of 5 people (from Italy, Vietnam, Denmark and Holland) who met to speak French for a couple of hours with the help of a fluent speaker who teaches us new elevated vocabulary and Parisian colloquialisms while enjoying a coffee. Afterwards, 3 of us walked around a couple of neighbouring markets.


(The bakery that is rated #1 in Paris)

Searching for just the right photos for my portfolio for my photography class has not been easy. My photography teacher wants each of us to create a portfolio over an 8 week period centered around the theme of Paris in My Eyes. Furthermore, he wants us to demonstrate this theme through the the perspectives of Paris as lively and active or as gloomy and empty. His exact phrasing was Paris Vivant ou Paris Vide. So, I have chosen to take photos of life on the water here. Searching for images of people and boats on the water, mainly on the Seine and in the neighbouring canals. I am finding it tough to find just the right place for just the right picture. I have managed to take a few and will be sharing them with the class on Monday night.

House boat

(One of the many house boats on the Seine)

In the meantime my friend Stacey, a French teacher and language consultant, arrives from Vancouver on March 12. I am looking forward to her visit as we will speak French the whole time.  We also have some fun outings planned which include: Christophe Mae’s concert, a wine dégustation class and a visit to the Eiffel Tower at night when it is lit up.

Français  French  フランスご

Cette semaine, j’avais 3 buts: lire de la littérature en français, parler plus de français hors de la classe, et prendre des photos pour ma classe de photographie.

Dans mon cours de littérature, le prof a lu une petite nouvelle qui a été écrit par Guy de Maupassant. C’est La Parure. J’étais étonnée que j’aie enseigné cette nouvelle plusieurs fois dans mes classes d’anglais.  Mes étudiants et moi, nous aimons cette nouvelle. Il est indéniable que la version française est plus belle que la version anglaise. C’est le cas avec des traductions, n’est pas?

Pour parler plus de français, je parle chaque jour dans les magasins et les restaurants tels que la pâtisserie <>. Ses croissants sont les meilleurs que j’ai jamais mangés.  Maintenant, je me suis habitué à entendre <> et <<à emporter>> quand je commande quelque chose. En plus, je me suis inscrit à un club nommé <<Café Conversations>> où 5-8 personnes parle français avec l’aide d’une Française qui nous donne de nouveaux vocabulaire de colloquialisms parisiens. J’ai rencontré des gens de Belgique, de Taïwan, des Pays-Bas et d’ Italie. Après la conversation, nous sommes allées ensemble au marché.

Pour chercher des photos pour mon cours de la photographie, je suis allée à la Seine et au canal de St. Martin. C’est difficile pour moi de trouver de bonnes photos pour mon projet. Notre prof nous a demandé à faire un portfolio sur le thème de Paris Vivant ou Paris Vide. J’ai choisis à prendre des photos au sujet de la vie sur l’eau et des bateaux ici. Nous devons apporter nos photos à la classe lundi soir pour que le prof puisse les critiquer.

Je suis très contente que mon amie, Stacey, arrive dimanche pour 5 jours. Nous irons au concert de Christophe Mae et au Tour Eiffel.

mini boat.jpg

(Remote controlled mini-sailboat on the canal in St. Martin area)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais

今週は文学クラスで有名な話を読んでいました。Maupassantで書きました。私はびっくりしました!私はこの話を英語で教えることがありました。英語でThe NecklaceといいてフランスでLa Parureと言います。フランスごのばいは英語のよりすごくいいです。





after school

(High school students hanging out after school watching the mini-boats on the canal)


Hexda̱n leda sku’lat̓si. k̓ak̓ada̱xwsilaxda̱n. gax̱’alisa̱la.


(A tourist boat traversing the locks on the canal in the St. Martin area)

2 thoughts on “A Few More Discoveries

  1. I love the photo of the barge with what looks like an empty bird cage on the deck and a sea gull perched on the chimney…. a metaphor for life?


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