Frolics with Friends in Paris

Me Eiffel

(Enjoying a beautiful warm afternoon by the Eiffel Tour)

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

French studies continued this week as usual. The artist that we looked at this week was Camille Claudel, a famous sculptrice. I remember seeing her work and reading about her life full of tribulations at an exposition once in Québec. For literature, we read a part of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables and discussed the society in which he lived and from which he had to exile because of his liberalist views.

Besides studies, I had the pleasure of a visit from a friend, Stacey, who is a French teacher in Vancouver. It was great because we spoke French for most of the time while she was here. Because one her favorite foods to eat at home is Eggs Benedict, I took her to a restaurant, called Benedict, near me that serves Eggs Benny all day long. This restaurant has definitely mastered this plate and has some creative versions of their own. The next day we went on the Batoboat that traverses the Seine from one end of the city to the other. We hopped on at Hotel to Ville and got off at the Eiffel Tower. What a fun way to view the city!

Once Stacey and I  debarked, we took our time walking around the Eiffel tower and then made are way up to the Trocadéro, one of the most elevated areas in the city from which to view the tower. Every day as soon as it is dark, the tower lights up fully on the hour for about 5 minutes. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

Egg benedict

(The traditional Eggs Benedict at Benedict restaurant)

The most exciting activity this week was going to see Christophe Maé in concert. We had both been introduced to his music last year. The performance was quite theatrical with a desert scene and even an old Western scene. You can check out his music on his website:

Stacey left this morning to go and explore Berlin for the remainder of her Spring Break. Meanwhile, two more friends, Steph and Doug arrive tomorrow for 5 days. We’ll see what kind of frolics we get up to…

boat tour.png

(Passengers aboard the Batoboat)

Français  French  フランスご

Cette semaine à l’école j’ai appris quelques choses d’intéressantes des oeuvres de Camille Claudel et Victor Hugo. Grâce à une exposition à la ville de Québec que j’ai déjà vu, j’ai bien compris l’histoire de sa vie pleine des tribulations.

Mon amie Stacey est arrivée et nous nous sommes amusées. Stacey aime manger les oeufs Bénédicte au Canada. À cause de ça, j’ai l’emmenée au restaurant <> où ils préparent les oeufs Bénédicte tout au long de la journée. C’était délicieux! Nous avons aussi pris un tour de Paris en bateau. Quel aventure! C’est bon pour observer des édifices. Après ça, nous allons marchés au Trocadéro. Le Trocadéro offre les meilleures vues de la tour Eiffel. Nous y avons attendu pour voir la tour lumière. C’était magnifique.

Cependant, le concert de Christophe Mae était le moment le plus marquant de la semaine dernière avec Stacey. Christophe Mae et sa bande étaient des excellents showmen. Samedi matin, Stacey va aller à Berlin pour rencontrer un autre ami tandis que j’attends l’arrivée de mes amis Stephanie et Doug…


(A classmate, Lynn, and her son who happened to be on the same boat as us)


(Just one of the many carousels in Paris)

Side Eiffel

(At the Trocadéro as the sun was going down)

Tour night

(Viewing the tour at 8:00pm when all the lights are on)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais

今週がっこうで Camille Claudin et Victor Hugoについて習っていました。この人の生活は面白かったです。

私の友達はパリにきていました。彼女はEggs Benedictがだいすきです。そして、このようなレストランへ行きました。美味しかったです。その上に、私たちはボートでパリを見ました。エッフェル塔にも行きました。よるに美しいです。



Stacey and me

(Stacey and I making our way to the Christophe Maé concert on Friday night)


(Christophe Maé up close when he performed a couple of songs on a small stage among the attendees in floor seats)

Christophe Mae.png 

(A view of the concert from our seats)


Bakowa̱n dława egayad. Hexdan leda ha̱’ma̱’elas. Watłalama̱n tłax̱a da̱nx’inux̱.

Merci Paris

(The final stage screen at the concert)

2 thoughts on “Frolics with Friends in Paris

  1. You seem to be having a wonderful yet hard working time. I am enjoying your blog. It seems a world apart from Port Hardy for sure.


    1. Hi Liz,

      Great to hear from you. Yes, French studies are intense (still like it though). Getting out for discoveries around the city sure helps to forget school sometimes and enjoy Parisian life.


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