Spring in Paris

Petit Palais

(Flowers and trees in full bloom now all over Paris)

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

One can witness the arrival of spring in Paris now with all the blooming flowers and trees. There is also an influx of tourists walking around.


(Cherry blossoms in front of the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore- the first bookstore to publish Ulysses when it was banned)

This week at school I learned about Louis Aragon a French writer whose poems have been converted into French songs by many different musicians. One such example is Est-ce Ainsi Que Les Hommes Vivent. An example from Youtube:

Aragon’s poem changed to song

To gain a deeper perspective on Hugo, Monet, and Pissarro, other writers and artists who we have also studied, I visited their homes or exhibitions to learn more about their works. I also managed to get to a play by Victor Hugo. The play was called Lucrèce Borgia, a tragedy about an Italian mother. I saw this play in the oldest theatre, La Comédie Française, which dates back to 1680. The ambiance of this theatre was amazing.

I also saw another play this weekend at the theatre Folies Bergère. The play was based on the fabulous film Les Choristes from Quebec. All the youth in this play did an incredible job of singing. In fact this led to  encore after encore.


(View from Monet’s front door out to his garden)

Monet's garden.png

(Monet’s Japanese influenced garden- the subject for some of his paintings)

Hugo house.png

(One of the many big rooms in Hugo’s apartment at Place des Vogues)

This past weekend, I travelled to Vimy Ridge for the 100 year anniversary of the battle there. 20-30 thousand Canadians were at the commemorative events. It was difficult to see or hear anything because of the crowds. Therefore, I have provided a CBC link here so that you can get a feeling for it.

CBC highlights


(Vimy Ridge Poster for the event)

Vimy 2

(Part of the crowd at Vimy behind the memorial statue- on the big screen you can see Justin Trudeau giving a speech)

The close town of Arras then put on a light show honouring Canadians who fought in the battle.

Arras thanking Canadian soldiers

(Arriving in Arras to signs and posters thanking Canadians for their help in 1917)

Light Show

(Light show honouring Canadians in WWI in the town square of Arras)

On Monday, I travelled on a tour bus out to the beautiful island abbey of Mont Saint Michel. It felt good to be close to the ocean once again. The views there are breathtaking.

For the best meal of the week, it was a picnic that Lynn, a classmate, and I put together and shared on the boardwalk of the Seine.

Seine 2

(Our picnic- 4 different types of cheeses, a baguette, fruit, and a beet and spinach salad. And of course dessert- a chocolate and pear tart)

Mont SM

(Mont Saint Michel- the abbey here dates back to 900)

Français  French  フランスご

Le printemps est arrivé à Paris. On peut voir des fleurs partout. Les touristes sont partout aussi. Dans mes cours cette semaine, nous avons étudié l’écrivain Louis Aragon. Ses poèmes seront rendus célèbres par leurs adaptations fréquentes par les plus grands chanteurs français.

Pour bien comprendre les oeuvres de Hugo, de Monet et de Pissarro, je suis allée à leurs maisons et au musée où on peut regarder des objets fabriqués de leurs vies.

J’ai assisté aussi aux pièces de théâtre. Une pièce était Les Choristes de Québec. Les enfants dans cette pièce chantent extrêmement bien.  L’autre pièce était Lucrèce Borgia par Victor Hugo. C’est une tragédie d’une mère italienne. Je l’ai vu à La Comédie Française. C’est le théâtre le plus vieux à Paris. Quelle ambiance!

Dimanche, je suis allée au Vimy pour assister au Centenaire de la Bataille de Vimy. 20-30 mille de Canadiens y étaient. À cause de la foule, c’était difficile à entendre et regarder le spectacle. Après ça, la petite ville d’Arras avait un spectacle son et lumière pour estimer les soldats canadiens de la Première Guerre mondial.

J’ai visité aussi l’abbaye au Mont Saint Michel. Quelles vues magnifiques!

Pour le meilleur dîner cette semaine, c’était un pique-nique avec une amie à la Seine. Nous avons mangé du fromage, une salade, de la baguette et bien sûr du dessert- une tarte aux poires et au chocolat.


(Folies Bergère theatre)

Comedie Francaise.png

(A view from my seat in La Comédie Française)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais






Mont SM 3

(Views from the top of Mont Saint Michel)

Mont SM 4

(More views at Mont Saint Michel)


T̓łisa̱lux̱. Hexdan leda s̱abilas. Hexdan leda humu’wilas. Hexdan leda Vimy. Dux̱watłala̱n Justin Trudeau. Hexdan leda t̓sa’mat̓si.


(A visit to the Luxembourg Museum where there was a Pissarro exhibition- according to my art history prof, there hasn’t been one like this in over 30 years in Paris)

4 thoughts on “Spring in Paris

  1. Hi Stacia

    I have been avidly reading and rereading your adventures in Paris and enjoying every word. You are truly living the life that most people only dream, except for the schoolwork – but you make even that seem magical. Bravo! I think I have found a soundtrack for the images in your narrative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7VLDheurRs
    Oh, I am also massively envious that you were able to be at Vimy for the centennial.

    Frank D.


    1. Hi Frank,

      Great to hear from you. I hope in your rereading you are not finding too many mistakes. It takes me about 5-8 hours to do an entry each week with the 4 languages. I know each time when I reread them, I find more mistakes. Alas, c’est la vie. I was thinking of you and Wendy while I was at Vimy. Wish you both could have been there too. I have a souvenir from Vimy for you when I get home. Best to you and Wendy.Thanks for the soundtrack- I will check it out.


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