Easter in Italy


(Easter sign at an Italian storefront in Riomaggiore)

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

At school we have been reading about some cool French inventions. A couple of inventions that stood out to me were: a website called Deezer. This website was created by a 16 year old who left school to develop a music streaming service. The Deezer music catalogue has over 25 million titles and the site has an estimated value of 500 million euros. I love hearing stories of students who find their passion and pursue it beyond anyone’s dreams.

Another invention is the creation of an artificial robotic compound eye, based on the biomechanics of the eyes of flies. The researcher, Stéphane Viollet, is hoping these will replace cumbersome walking sticks for the blind in the future.

For Easter break, I met Michael’s older sister, Deborah, in Italy. She had just completed some diplomatic work for the Canadian government and was planning on taking a European vacation. Instead of us meeting in Paris, we decided to meet in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. Upon reading about this area (see link below), I figured this would be a great place to spend my Easter vacation.

Cinque Terre


(Riomaggiore- the village in which we stayed)

It was a perfect getaway!  Picture perfect vistas were everywhere. We enjoyed wandering the town of Riomaggiore one afternoon and then the next day we hiked along the mountainside from the village of Manarola to Corniglia. We had wanted to take a boat trip the following day, but the trips were cancelled due to rough seas. Therefore, we opted to take the bus to a quaint town called Porto Venere. What spectacular views there too! During the four days I learned a few words of Italian, though this didn’t help me one evening in a busy authentic Italian restaurant that didn’t seem to be frequented by foreigners. The servers and I tried to communicate in English and in French with some gestures as I pointed to what I wanted to order, but to no avail, I couldn’t get my preferences across. So a French woman next to me, translated what I wanted, from French to Italian, and in the end all was a success. The four different types of bread along with a fresh pesto pasta dish were delicious.

beginning of hiking trail.png

(The beginning of the trail from Manarola to Corniglia)

Hike with train track.png

(A view from the trail- notice the train tracks below connecting all the 5 villages of the Cinque Terre region)

Coastal View.png

(More views from the mountain side)

hike 2

(Deborah and me- half way on the trail)

Now I am back in Paris busy with school once again. After class today, my friend Lynn and I went to the oldest restaurant in Paris called the Procope, founded in 1686, where we ordered the traditional dish Coq au Vin. The ambiance there is amazing with pictures and written histories of many famous French writers such as Voltaire. Our art history teacher told us all about the history of this restaurant.


(Entrance into the Procope restaurant)

This coming Friday, I look forward to the arrival of my dad and his partner Anne.

Français  French  フランスご

La semaine dernière, j’ai lu des inventions d’aujourd’hui en France. On attribue à Daniel Marhely l’invention du site-web . Ce jeune homme a quitté l’école à 16 ans sans diplôme et s’est consacré à sa passion. Il a crée sur l’Internet Deezer qui est un service d’écoute de musique sur l’Internet et a un catalogue de 25 millions titres. Ce site web est désormais valorisée 500 millions d’euros. J’aime les histoires des ados prospères comme cela.

Une autre invention en France, c’est un oeil artificiel (un robot) qui est capable d’éviter des collisions. Grâce à Stéphane Viollet, les aveugles pourraient troquer leurs cannes pour ces yeux artificiels. Pour lui, l’oeil de mouche est son inspiration. On appelle cela le biomimétisme.

Ensuite, à Pâques je suis allée en Italie pour rencontrer la soeur de Michel. Nous nous sommes amusées dans les petites villes de Cinque Terre. Un jour nous avons fait une randonnée à pied de Manazola à Corniglia. Nous voulions aussi faire une excursion en bateau mais,  la mer était agitée. À cause de cela, nous avons décidé de prendre un autobus pour aller à Port Verene. Quelle belle ville!

J’ai appris un peu d’italien. Malgré cela, c’était difficile à commander au restaurant italien. Je suis heureuse qu’ il y ait eu une femme française qui a traduit en italien ma commande. J’ai mangé des pains et des pâtes délicieux.

Maintenant, je suis encore une fois à Paris. Je suis occupée à l’école. Un jour après mes cours, je suis allée avec Lynn au restaurant le plus vieux à Paris, le Procope.  Nous y avons commandé le plat traditionnel- le Coq au Vin. C’était fabuleux et le décor était très intéressant en raison de l’ancienneté.

Alors, j’attends l’arrivée de mon père et Anne ce weekend.

R night

(Riomaggiore at night)

R night 2.png

(Visitors relaxing seaside in Riomaggiore)


(Sunset view in Riomaggiore)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais

今週私はフランスの発明品について読んでいました。音楽のウェブサイト(DEEZER) と義眼があってすごく便利です。





 Corniglia 1

(Viewing Corniglia from the mountain side)

Approaching Corniglia.png

(Getting closer to Corniglia)

Approaching Corniglia 2.png

(Just down the steps to Corniglia)


Ik’iḵa̱la̱n. Hexdan leda Italy. Bakowa̱n dła̱wa Deborah. Hexdan leda t̓sa’mat̓si.

Side streets in Porto Venere

(Exploring the side streets in Porto Venere)

Porto Venere.png

(Arriving in Porto Venere)

Porto Vernere Castle.png

(A view from a cliff in Port Venere- below is the Bay of Poets where Byron supposedly swam to a neighbouring village to visit Shelley)

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