Fitting it all in…

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

Seine 2

(View of the Seine at dusk)

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

With 8 weeks to go, final exams in just 4 weeks, visitors from Canada, and cultural excursions, I am trying to find balance among it all while making the most of my remaining days here.

During this last week at school, we studied extracts from Voltaire’s Candide ou De l’optimisme.  We will be tested on this at the end of the course. We also looked at works by a writer named Raymond Queneau, considered a master of the French language and the inventor of some new structures. He wrote a book called Exercices de Style in which he retold the same story in 99 different ways. It is quite entertaining. He also wrote a poem called Cent mille milliards de poèmes (1961). This is a fun one where there are over a hundred ways to read this poem. It is a work of 10 sonnets in which lines can be interchanged with the others all while retaining correct structures and meaning. Click on the following Youtube clip to see this poem.  Poème This could be fun in a senior French or English class. Speaking about language classes, I sent out an email this week to the education liaison at the French embassy here seeking possible connections to high school teachers who may want to do pen-pal or blogging exchanges. I would also like to visit a French high school. I haven’t heard anything back yet.

Besides doing a a bit of reading at Deux Maggots café where many literary folk used to hang out, I managed to get to two museums this week to have a closer look at some art that my art-history prof introduced. One museum was the Cognaq-Jay where they have a painting, considered the first French still life, by Chardin from the 17th century. The other museum was Le Musée Maillol where the talented tapestries and sculptures of Aristide Maillol are showcased. This museum also has an interesting temporary exhibition which includes pieces that were stolen during the occupation. One piece by Matisse was found again only recently in 2014 and in 2016 it was returned to the family of its original owner.

Deux Maggots

(Hanging out at Deux Maggots)

Still life

(Painting by Chardin)

Otherwise, Dad and Anne have been here visiting. Last Saturday we all went to Vimy Ridge. This has been a dream of my dad’s most of his life. Unlike the other 2 times I went there, this time there was a brand-new information center with quite an animated exposition that included videos, artifacts, and pictures. There is also a temporary showing of some of the messages soldiers wrote on the walls in the trenches. Anne quite enjoyed the town of Arras where they had many panels of pictures of  WWI soldiers. We also took strolls along the Seine on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Dad and Anne went to visit Spain for a few days this week while I remained in school and managed to venture out a couple of nights with friends. One of the nights included an invitation to a private fashion show at the Coach store in Paris. My friend Lynn and I enjoyed snacks there while the staff showed off Coach’s new arrivals for the summer season. There was also a draw in which 3 people won prizes. I was not one of the lucky ones to win a bag or wallet that night.

For Dad’s last weekend here, we are travelling to Monaco for the weekend. I look forward to viewing the countryside of France while we ride the train for 5 hours on our way there.

.Français  French  フランスご

Je tente de profiter de la vie en France pour le reste de ma visite ici.  Dans des cours cette semaine, nous avons étudié de la littérature de Voltaire. J’aurai un examen sur des extraits de Candide ou De l’optimisme à la fin de mai. J’ai aussi regardé des œuvres de Raymond Queneau. Il a écrit des choses magnifiques. Par exemple, Exercises de Style et Cent mille milliards de poèmes (1961). Ce poème est composé de dix sonnets superposés, à rimes identiques qui le rendent très amusant. Je peux utiliser cette technique avec mes étudiants dans les cours anglais et français. Ce que qui concerne les cours de langages, j’ai contacté l’Ambassade Française pour rencontrer des enseignants à Paris qui voudraient faire des activités d’écriture avec mes étudiants. J’attends une réponse.

Ensuite, je suis allée à deux musées cette semaine: Cognaq-Jay et Musée Maillol. J’ai regardé une nature morte de Chardin. Cette peinture exacte est une inspiration pour plusieurs autres artistes. L’art d’Aristide Maillot est aussi bon. Il a fait de beaux tapisseries et sculptures. Dans ce musée il y a aussi une exposition temporaire dans laquelle on peut voir des peintures volées pendant l’occupation de la France. Ce qui est intéressant, c’est une peinture de Matisse qui a été trouvé en 2014 et en 2016 a rendu à la famille originale.

Mon père et Anne sont à Paris maintenant et nous sommes allés à Vimy Ridge samedi. Mon père a aimé cette expérience. Anne a aimé la petite ville d’Arras où on peut se trouver des panneaux sur lesquelles on peut voir des photos de soldats de la Première Guerre mondiale.

Jeudi soir, je suis allée avec mon amie Lynn au magasin Coach pour voir un défilé de mode privée de leur collection d’été. Ils donnent trois prix dans une loterie, mais malheureusement je n’ai pas été une gagnante. C’était très amusant.

Ce weekend je vais à Monaco avec mon père et Anne.  Nous prendrons le TGV pour y aller et je serai contente de voir la Mer Méditerranéen pendant le voyage.


(At the private showing at Coach)


(Winners of the draw at Coach)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais


(One of the many panels in Arras depicting soldiers from WWI)



今週、私の父とアーンさんはパリに来ています。そしてわたしたちはVimy Ridgeに行きました。Vimyへ行くことは父の夢でした。彼は歴史が大好きです。





Hexdan leda humu’wilas. Dux̱watłala̱n ump.  Hexdan leda Vimy.

Dad and Anne.png

(Dad and Anne out walking near the Seine)

Life on the Seine

(Life on the Seine- tons of pop-up cafés)

2 thoughts on “Fitting it all in…

  1. Hi Emma, great to hear from you. Classes end May 27th. I have met some local Parisians now thanks to the propriétaire of my apartment. A bunch of us went out for a dinner about a week ago. You must be getting excited for summer:)


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