Paris Museums and Memorable Monaco

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

Monaco Arch 2.png

(Monaco’s hillside full of beautiful architectural designs)

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

For school this week, we studied a few poems by Jacques Prévert, the most studied poet ever in France. In art history class, we looked at a lot of works by Delacroix which led me to the Musée de la Vie Romantique, the Musée Gustave Moreau, and to Le Gouvernement des Parisiens exhibition at Hôtel de Ville to see paintings by him. I enjoyed seeing some of his paintings up close in a collection of George Sand’s treasures showcased at the first museum, but what really caught my attention was the former home and workshop of Gustave Moreau. Moreau had a couple of Delacroix paintings hanging in his house, but what was astonishing was the grandeur of his own paintings. There were over 4000 drawings and paintings in his former workshop. The sheer size of some of the paintings and the ornateness of the house was phenomenal. It is definitely a must see if anyone is coming to Paris.


(Garden at the Musée de la Vie Romantique)


(Staircase and some of Moreau’s paintings in his workshop at his former house, now a national museum)


(Large advertisement for the exhibition of the Parisian Government at the Hôtel de Ville)

I also managed to get to the Maison de la Photographie which is right near my place. To my surprise, I came across some unconventional photography and art by an artist named ORLAN. The funny thing is, I had seen her in a café a few weeks back, but didn’t know who she was. I just knew that she had to be someone famous because people kept going up to her to ask for autographs and photos. It wasn’t until I saw her in a photo at the the photography museum here that I realized who she was. From what I read, she is an art professor at one of the local art schools and she is most famous for her plastic surgery that she had done in the 1990’s as an art form. She actually had over seven plastic surgeries to attain the following alterations to her face: the chin of Botecelli’s Venus, the eyes of Diana in a Fontainbleu painting, the nose of Gérôme’s Psyche, the lips of Boucher’s Europa and the forehead of Mona Lisa. It was definitely shocking to see pictures of these operations up close at the exhibition.


(ORLAN in one of her unconventional pictures)

The highlight of the week was spending last weekend in Monaco with Dad and Anne. By far, this is one of the most beautiful and clean cities I have ever seen. Stunning architecture, ocean views, terraced neighbourhoods and rocky cliffs could be seen at various points in our couple of days there. Anne tried her luck at the casino, while Dad and I wandered and took the tour bus around to admire all the gorgeous sites. The town is currently getting ready for the Grand Prix which takes place there in a couple of weeks.

Monaco Arch 1

(More stunning architecture in Monaco)

Monaco 2.png

(The main harbour in Monaco- you can see the seats being set up for the upcoming Grand Prix)

Grandprix 3.png

Dad and Anne have now left and in their place, Susan (Michael’s younger sister) and Ian, her husband, are here for a 4 day visit. They are enjoying the sites of Paris while I get caught up on my language studies and review for my final exams. We do have an exciting Sunday planned together though. More news to come…

Monaco Casino

(Dad and Anne in front of the famous Monte Carlo casino)

Français  French  フランスご

À l’école cette semaine nous avons lu des poèmes de Jacques Prévert et nous discutons des peintures de Delacroix. Alors, je suis allée aux trois musées pour bien voir ces peintures. Le premier était Le Musée de la Vie Romantique où on peut trouver des trésors de l’écrivain George Sand. Parmi ces trésors étaient de belles peintures de Delacroix. Ensuite, je suis allée au Musée de Gustave Moreau. C’était magnifique. Il y a des oeuvres de Delacroix mais, ce qui est incroyable, c’est que l’atelier de Moreau ait plus de 4000 grands dessins et peintures. Ce musée est à ne pas rater! Près de moi à l’Hôtel de Ville j’ai vu une grande peinture de Delacroix – La Liberté Guide le Peuple.

Dans le quartier du Marais, on se trouve La Maison de la Photographie. Par hasard, j’y ai trouvé de l’art d’ORLAN, une artiste très fameuse en France, qui j’ai vu une fois à un café mais je ne la connaissait pas. Beaucoup de personnes ont demandé d’elle une autographe et une photo. Ses oeuvres ne sont pas typiques parmi lesquelles existent des photos de ses chirurgies esthétiques.

Le moment le plus marquant de la semaine dernière était un voyage par train à Monte Carlo avec mon père et Anne. Nous avons fait du tourisme. Quelle belle ville et très propre aussi! La mer, les falaises, l’architecture étaient fantastiques.

Mon père et Anne sont revenus au Canada. Maintenant Susan (la soeur de Michel) et son mari Ian sont ici à Paris. Ils profitent de la vie à Paris pendant que j’étudie pour mes examens finals. J’ai hâte de faire quelque chose de spécial avec eux dimanche.

Monaco cafe.png

(A street scene in Monaco)

Monaco View from casino.png

(Another street scene by the casino)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais

 Monaco water

(More stunning views of Monaco- this time from water level)

今週、学校でポエトリーとアートを勉強しました。博物館へお絵描きを見に行きました。Gustave Moreau のうちはすごく美しかったです。その上にORLANの有名な写真を見ました。



Monaco Cliffs.png

(The cliffs alongside the sea)


Ik’iḵa̱la̱n. Hexdan leda Monaco. Hexdan leda humu’wilas. Dux̱watłala̱n k’widza̱kwi da na’a̱nge. Dux̱watłala̱n ORLAN.

Monaco me.png

(Dad and me on one of the pathways in Monaco)

Monaco Art.png

(Modern art in Monaco)

Monaco Art 2

4 thoughts on “Paris Museums and Memorable Monaco

  1. Wow! Monaco j’espère pouvoir y aller un jour… pas durant le Grand Prix par exemple 🙂 trop occupé!
    Tu as l’air d’en profitez au maximu et j’espère que tu pourras faire tout ce que tu avais sur ta longue liste!! À bientôt! xoxo
    J’adore le blogue et lire ta version dans les deux langues!


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