Departing Paris Shortly…

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.


(Le Palais Garnier- theatre for music, opera, and ballet. Pictures of the ballet performance were prohibited, so I was only able to take pictures such as this one)

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

School is finished! Sigh- I completed my last exam yesterday which was a speaking and reading test. I will find out the results from all my exams in about 2 weeks. Even though I did a lot of studying over the past 2 weeks, I managed to get out and visit places that were still on my list of “must sees”. In addition, I checked out some current exhibitions.

One of the “must sees” was the Palace Garnier. This is the music/opera/ballet theatre that was designed by Charles Garnier in 1861. It is considered one of the most beautifully designed pieces of architecture in Paris. I went to see a ballet performed there for a very modest price of 20 euro. The ballet consisted of 4 pieces- all very modern and theatrical. It was quite the show.

Palace garnier

(Part of the entrance into Palais Garnier)


(The ceiling of the Palais Garnier- repainted by Chagall 50 years ago, very controversial at the time because it wasn’t considered “classical” enough. A special write-up about this: Chagall ceiling )

PG 2

(View from the top floor in Palais Garnier)

Another must see was a private concert where I saw the Yale A cappella jazz group, Redhot and Blue, sing. I heard about this event from Talia Carner, an author I met just recently on a bike tour. Thanks to a women named Patricia who organizes these events on her website, the first 12 people who sign up and pay 25 euro for the evening get to have dinner and access to a private concert. This was such a special evening. It was cool to find out about the students and their areas of study (from neuro-surgery, to education, to information technology, to global relations, … among others). We all had dinner with the host and then the group sang about 7 songs in the living room of a Parisian apartment.

House concert

(The audience watching the Yale A cappella singers)

Yale Jazz A cappella Group

(The Yale group Redhot and Blue performing. You can find out more about this group:  Yale’s Redhot and Blue)

Last Saturday I went to see the kimono exhibition at the Guimet Museum which specializes in Asian art. It illustrated the history of the kimono up to modern day. It is interesting to see how the Japanese kimono has influenced current French designers. So many of the kimonos, old and new, were stunning. After my museum visit, I went to have lunch at the Taste of Paris event.  This was a two day event that featured about 20 well-known chefs in Paris. They each had a stall where they served about 4 tapa sized specialties ranging in price from 7 to 12 euro from which patrons could choose. Overall, this was a fun event with different dishes, samples, and live music.


(The first posting in the exhibition about kimonos. I loved the fact that the information was written in Japanese, French, and English).

Taste 1.png

(Two taste creations that I tried: a lobster appetizer and a lemon meringue tart)

Another special event this last week was the free museum night on Thursday. Most museums stayed open from 7:00pm to midnight and showcased various types of music. I decided to go to the Cluny Museum, recently renamed the Musée de Moyen Âge. There I listened to chants and replicas of musical instruments from the Middle Ages. Some of the singing was absolutely mesmerizing.

Cluny 1

(Musicians playing and overlooking the crowd from the top of the Cluny Museum at the beginning of the event)

Cluny 2.png

(One of the singing groups in the Chapelle of the museum)

Cluny 3

(A close-up of the same group)

For my final week of exams, I moved into a Airbnb just a few blocks away  from my school as the apartment I had in the Marais had been booked for this time, long before I made my booking. In the end, it was a blessing in disguise. The host of the apartment, Sylvie, is so knowledgeable about music and literature. She is a singer and teaches classical singing lessons. So I often hear beautiful piano and voice lessons coming from the living room. I was surprised to find in my room a bookshelf full of so many of the authors that we had been studying at school. Another interesting fact: her own father is a well-known poet, Michel Deguy, and has many published works. He received national and Académie français prizes for poetry in 1998 and 2004. I am excited to share some of his poems with my own students at home next school year.

New hood 1

(View from my bedroom at the Airbnb in the Montparnasse area)


(A picture of Michel Deguy’s latest book)

On Saturday I leave Paris to do some traveling  around France and to do some visiting with friends in Stockholm and Amsterdam. So I will update my blog when I am able to during this next portion of my journey.

Français  French  フランスご

J’ai fini mes études. J’ai fait mon dernier examen (parler et lire) hier. Je vais savoir mes résultats le 9 juin. Mes études m’ont accaparé, mais j’ai réussi à visiter des exhibitions à voir absolument.

Le Palais Garnier est à ne pas rater!  La renommée du Palais Garnier repose sur une architecture extraordinaire. Il a été crée en 1861 par Charles Garnier. J’y ai vu un ballet. Le prix de ce spectacle n’était pas mal, seulement 20 euros. Le ballet se compose de quatre danses qui étaient très modernes. Quel spectacle! Malheureusement, c’était interdit d’y prendre des photos pendant le spectacle.

Quelque chose d’autre de spéciale était un concert privé où j’ai vu des étudiants de l’université de Yale chantent du jazz. Le groupe musical s’appelle Redhot and Blue. Grâce à une femme que j’ai rencontrée récemment et qui m’a dit les détails de cet événement, j’ai pu y aller. Quelle nuit incroyable! C’est intéressant d’accueillir les étudiants de Yale et d’ savoir tout sur leurs études et leurs rêves. Ces étudiants sont en train d’étudier le neuro-science, l’éducation, l’informatique, et les relations internationales… parmi des autres matières aussi. Nous avons dîné ensemble et après les étudiants ont chanté du jazz dans un appartement privé à Paris.

Samedi, je suis allée au Musée Guimet (Arts Asiatiques). Il y a une exhibition maintenant de kimonos. On peut lire de l’histoire du kimono jusqu’à ce moment-ci. Ce qui est intéressant, c’est que certains couturiers français fassent de la mode dans lesquelles on peut noter des influences japonaises. Quels que soient les styles, vieux ou modernes, tous sont beaux. Après avoir visité le Musée Guimet, j’ai assisté à l’ événement Taste of Paris où on a pu manger des plats de chefs français bien connus. Chaque chef a préparé quarter dégustations pour manger à un prix pas cher (de 7 à 12 euros) parmi lesquelles les clients peuvent choisir. Dans l’ensemble, les chefs ont fait du bon travail. J’y aimais les échantillons et la musique.

La semaine dernière, quelques musées de Paris ont offert une entrée gratuite pour une visite pendant la nuit. J’ai décidé d’aller au Musée Cluny (Le Musée Moyen Âge) pour voir des musiciens et des instruments de cet époque-là. Certaines chansons étaient hypnotiques.

Ensuite, j’ai dû déménager de mon appartement à un Airbnb dans le quartier du Montparnasse. Mais, c’est bien combiné parce que la propriétaire, Sylvie, est très gentille et très cultivée. Elle est prof de chanteurs classiques. Quelquefois j’ai l’occasion d’entendre de belle musique. Son appartement est plein de livres que j’ai  lu pendant mes études à la Sorbonne. Son père, Michel Deguy, est écrivain en France. En fait, il a gagné deux prix pour sa poésie en 1998 et 2004. Je suis enthousiaste de partager des poèmes de lui avec mes étudiants l’année scolaire prochaine.

Ce samedi, je partirai pour un voyage autour de la France. J’irai aussi rendre visite à des amis à Stockholm et à Amsterdam. J’écrirai sur mon blog quand j’aurai la chance.

New hood 2

(Rue Daguerre, my new neighbourhood)

Cluny 4.png

(A duet about to play replicas of instruments from the Middle Ages. Note the amazing tapestries from that era)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais

最終のテストを受けました。毎日勉強しなければなりませんでした。でも、楽しいこともしました。たとえば、バレエを見るためにPalais Garnierに行きました。この建物の建築はすごくきれいでした。バレエもきれいでした。


先週の週末にGuimet Museumに行きました。着物てんを見にいきました。着物の歴史について読みました。たくさんフランス人の服飾デザイナーは着物からインスピレーションを受けています。それから自分のスタイルを作っています。博物館に全部の着物は美しかったです。

Taste of Parisで有名なシェフの食べ物をやって見ました。おいしかったです。あそこでサンプルも音楽もありました。

Cluny Museumで中せいきの音楽を聞くことができました。楽しかったです。



Cluny 5.png

(Famous jazz performer, David Sauzay, playing at the Cluny museum)

Kimono 5

(One of the displays showing traditional kimonos and the intricate detailing that goes into them)


(The original door curtain for the Matsuzakaya Kimono Factory, 1603-1868)


(Modern interpretations of the kimono)


(Samples from French designers who have been inspired by the kimono)


Hexdan leda ha̱’ma̱’elas. Dux̱watłala̱n da̱nx̱’inux̱. Latła̱n tła̱x yuda̱x̱wp̓a̱nxwat̓ sanx̱tła lax̱ Étretat.

New hood 3.png

(A great little crêperie that I found a couple of doors down in my new neighbourhood)

Cluny 6.png

(Another group singing at the Cluny Museum)

Taste 2.png

(A band playing at the Taste of Paris event held at the Grand Palais exhibition hall)

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