Exploring Some New Destinations Besides Paris


(A view along the water in Lyon)

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

Well, it’s been three weeks since I left Paris to do a bit of travelling around Europe before I head home to Canada at the end of June. I would have updated earlier but I have not had dependable WIFI services along the way.  So here I am finally in a small hotel in Arles France with what seems to be a strong internet connection and I am able to update my blog.

After finishing exams at the Sorbonne in French language studies, I left to Lyon to a music festival called Nuits Sonores. There I enjoyed an afternoon and evening at a venue called Le Sucre, where many different DJs played various kinds of music. I also enjoyed visiting some sights around Lyon including a boat cruise along the Rhône and a walk up to the Basilique Notre Dame from where you can overlook the city.

DJ line up

(DJ line up for the Nuits Sonores music festival in Lyon)

Le Sucerie

(Le Sucre- the venue for Nuits Sonores)

After Lyon, I headed to a small seaside town called Étretat. I had read about Étretat in one of my books from the Sorbonne. It is quite an adventure getting there ( a combination of trains and buses), but it was well worth the effort. Upon arrival one smells the ocean and views many chalk cliffs. If there is heaven on earth in France, it’s in Étretat. The views are stunning and the locals are very helpful and friendly, like being at home in Port Hardy. Three days here was a perfect amount of time to hike the local trails and to see Les Jardins d’Étretat.


(A view from the hike along the trails on top of the cliffs)

Etretat 3

(A view looking up to the church in Étretat from the beach)

E garden .png

(Art and greenery combined in the Étratat gardens)

E garden 3

(More sculptured art in the garden)

After a full day of travel on trains, buses and a plane, I arrived in Stockholm where I met a friend from my high school days. Katarina was a rotary exchange student from Sweden in my grade 11 year at Kamloops Senior Secondary. We have kept in contact over the last 30 years and this was our second time meeting up. She is one of those friends with whom you can instantly and easily reconnect no matter the time and space between meet-ups. We went hiking around her island, went dancing and partook in the Taste of Stockholm event in downtown Stockholm one afternoon. To my surprise, I spoke more French in Stockholm than I did in Paris. Stockholm is very multicultural now and there are many French speakers there. In fact the only school on the island where she lives is French speaking, thus most families who reside there use French as their main language. Also, there are many immigrants in Sweden from various French speaking places in Africa and the Caribbean including: Sénégal, Côte d’Ivoire, and Haïti. I will definitely return to Stockholm for visits; it’s such a vibrant city.

Stockholm 1

(A Taste of Stockholm event in the central square)

From Stockholm I flew to Amsterdam to meet two friends from Vancouver who had exchanged their condo in Vancouver for an apartment along the canals. Steph and Ken were great hosts and took me to the Rijks Museum where I got to see many more works of art that my Art History prof had talked about in my classes at the Sorbonne. We also went to the Modern Art museum in Amsterdam where there was an interesting exhibition featuring ideas that are currently being developed to aid refugees around the world. Various architects, information technologists and artists have paired up to invent various useful and creative products and housing for refugees.

Amsterdam 1

(A view from my room in the Amsterdam apartment)

Riks museum.png

(Just leaving the Rijks Museum)

Amsterdam 7

(Write up at Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam)

Refugee housing).png

(Example of architectural possibilities for refugees)

Following my very short 2 day visit in Amsterdam, I went by train to Avignon, France. There I met up with 6 other people for an 8 day cycling tour around the Provence region of France. The group of 6 included two people from the UK, one from New Zealand, one from Australia and two Canadians. We had two guides that took us on rides that ranged from 35-60 kms each day. It ended up being tougher than we expected because there was a heat wave in the region and we were riding many days in heat that ranged from 32-37 degrees. On our 4th day, when we were making our way up the mountain from Saint Remy to Les Baux en Provence, one of the riders suffered a heart attack. He remains in hospital at the moment and is being monitored. We are all in shock and await news on his condition. Times like these remind us of how precious life really is and how important it is to value family, friends and one’s health. One of the main reasons for me doing this 5 month trip was to appreciate and celebrate life’s blessings so far because we never know what the future will bring.

Bike Map.png

(Map of the 8 day cycling tour in the Provence region)

Cycle 1.png

(Cycling in Provence)

Cycle 2

(Cycle group stopping for photos of one of the many sunflower fields in the Provence region)

Français  French  フランスご

Après avoir voyagé sans wifi, je peux écrire mon blog finalement ici à Arles. Je suis partie Paris le 27 juin et je suis allée à Lyon où j’ai regardé une fête de musique qui s’appelle Nuits Sonores. C’était superbe! J’y ai aussi fait un peu de tourisme. J’ai visité la Basilique Notre Dame de Fourrière et je prends un bateau touristique pour voir la ville.

Ensuite, je suis allée à une petite ville, Étretat sur la côte ouest de la France. Il était difficile d’y aller parce qu’il est loin de Paris et on doit prendre des trains et un bus. Mais, il vaut l’effort. Si c’était le paradis sur terre en France, ce serait la ville d’Étretat. Dans mes yeux, avec de grandes falaises blanches, la mer et le jardin le plus joli en France, c’est une ville très tranquille et fantastique. Je pense que le mode de la vie à Étretat ressemble le mode de la vie à Port Hardy.

J’ai quitté Étretat pour Stockholm le 2 juin. J’y ai une amie qui a étudié avec moi au lycée à Kamloops en 1989. Nous sommes restés en contact. Nous avons fait des promenades, de la danse et nous avons bien mangé à un restaurant bangladais. Stockholm est très multiculturel et a beaucoup de personnes qui parlent français. En effet, j’ai parlé plus de français à Stockholm qu’à Paris. À cause de cela, je voudrais encore visiter à Stockholm.

Des amis de moi, Steph et Ken, a fait un échange maison à Amsterdam. Ils font une échange maison avec leur appartement à Vancouver pour un appartement à côté de canaux à Amsterdam. Alors, ils m’ont invité à les rendre visite. J’y ai passé trois jours. Nous sommes allées aux musées Rijks et Stedelijk. J’ai pu voir des œuvres d’artistes très connus et une exposition au sujet de la crise des réfugiés dans le monde. L’exposition a compris des idées très utiles.

La semaine dernière, j’ai fait un voyage à vélo en Provence avec six autres personnes (deux Anglais, une Néo-Zélandaise, un Australien et deux Canadiennes). En moyen, nous avons roulé 35-60 kilomètres par jour. C’était merveilleux, mais il avait extrêmement chaud (32-37 degré). Je suis très triste qu’une personne dans notre équipe ait eu une crise cardiaque. Il est maintenant à l’hôpital et nous sommes tous en état de choc et nous attendons des nouvelles de médecin. À cause de cela, je réfléchis beaucoup d’importance de la famille, des amis et de la santé. Nous devons vivre avec le sens de carpe diem parce que nous ne savons jamais ce qui se passera à l’avenir.

Etretat 2

(Sun about to set on the beach in Étretat)

Art 2

(Ad for laser light show at Les Baux)

Lazser light show.png

(Unbelievable laser light show underground at Les Baux)

Art 1

(Art by Arcimboldo at Les Baux)

日本語  Japanese  Japonais

すみません、最近wifiを見つけることをできませんでした。そして、私はblogを書きませんでした。でもArlesという町でいいwifiがあります。五月17日にパリを出てリオンへ電車でいきました。コンサートを見に行きました。すごく良かったです。その上に、有名なきょうかい(Basilique Notre Dame de Fourrière)に行きました。あそこでいい形式があります。町をよく見るために私は観光船観光船に乗りました。きれいでした。

フランスでは一番好きな街はÉtretatだと思います。大きい崖, きれいな庭、青い海があります。この町に住みやすいです。Port Hardyに住んでいることは同じだと思います。



この週末にProvenceでサイクリングのツアをしました。六人がいました (2イギリス人、1オーストラリア人、1ニュージーランド人, 2カナダ人)毎日私たちは35kmから60kmまでサイクリングをしました。楽しかったです。でもすごく蒸し暑かったです。一日には一人は心臓発作がありました. とても悲しいです。今、彼は病院にいて私たちはお医者さんからニュズを待っています。ざんねんです。今、生活について考えています。私たちの家族、友達、と健康は大事な宝ものですね。

Van Gogh.png

(A twig statue of Monet who used to stand in this spot while painting the cliffs of Étretat)

Stockholm 2.png

(Katarina and I having a meal in a highly recommended Bangladesh restaurant in Stockholm)

Amsterdam 2

(Amazing musicians outside the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam)

Amsterdam 4

(Cool letter art in front of Rijks Museum)


Hexdan leda Lyon, Étretat, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Provence. Dux̱watłala̱n Katarina. Bakowa̱n dła̱wa i’ax̱a̱lu’t.

Etretat night.png

(Lights that the town of Étretat puts on at night to showcase the cliffs)

Sunset 2.png

(Kayakers enjoying the sunset in Étretat)

Steph Ken.png

(Out at a cheese tasting with Steph and Ken in Amsterdam)

More canals.png

(One of the many canals in Amsterdam)

Amsterdam 5.png

(More canals)


(Made it to the Mediterranean sea on the bike trip- Saintes Maries de la Mer)

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