My Final Week in France- À La Campagne

A brief write-up in English, French, Japanese, and Kwak’wala follows about the past week in Paris.

Bord 1

(Market day in Castillon with Moira and Ken)

English  Anglais  英語  Mamałak’ ala

For my last week in France, I retreated to the outskirts of Castillon, a small country  town in the Bordeaux region of France. It was a delight! Friends from Vancouver, Steph and Ken, with whom I stayed in Amsterdam, had a house exchange there as well. I joined them with another friend, Moira, for the week. Steph, Moira and I used to work together in Richmond at McNair Secondary 20 years ago.

Bord 2

(The home where Steph and Ken had a house exchange near Castillon in the Bordeaux region of France)

The house was a beautiful stone home among rolling vineyards and close to a lake called Cadie. It was cool to find art in the house from Haida Gwaii and the Kwagiulth. In fact, one of the pieces was done by Ross Hunt, who has a major influence on the students I work with at Port Hardy Secondary.  The heat was just as hot as on my cycling tour in Provence. On average, we were inundated with 32-39 degree temperatures. So, we were so thankful for the lake nearby where we swam or for breezes that would blow through in the evenings in the region.

Bord 3.png


(Vineyards seen all over this region)

Day ventures included visiting St. Émilion, Dordogne, Vayres and Bordeaux city. Two highlights were visiting some ancient cave homes and having dinner at Chateau Vayres. The dinner was advertised on a local events website. 150 guests could register for just 12.50 euro to attend a picnic dinner at the chateau where everyone was to dress in green and white chic attire. When we arrived at the chateau, we were ushered into an area with rows of picnic tables which had been decorated in white table clothes on which were green and white candles. After the dinner, we were taken on a candle light tour through the castle. We heard stories of how King Henri IV had resided there for his summer vacations.  In Bordeaux, I was able to see the architecture of Victor Louis (1731-180) who, according to my art history prof, was the inspiration for many buildings in Paris. Very ornate homes, hotels, and a theater stood as a reminder of the bourgeois styles of the era.

Castle 2.png


(Green and White chic picnic at Château Vayres- Steph, Moira and Ken sitting off in the background next to some very generous French locals who shared their homemade canelés with us)

Castle 3.png


(Guide showing us around the castle all lit up with candlelight)

During my stay in Castillon, I received news that Mike who had the heart attack on the cycling trip passed away last Sunday. Condolences go out to his surviving daughters in Australia and England to whom the cycling group sent some pictures and some good memories of our time with Mike.

I am spending my last night in Paris, at the Airbnb I stayed during my last week of studies. I am looking forward to returning home and reuniting with friends and family and to be surrounded by cooler weather and the ocean. Upon returning home, I will post a reflection based on my 5 months away.

Bord 6.png


(Homes built into the rock in Dordogne)

Français  French  フランスご

Ma dernière semaine en France- J’ai fait une retraite à la campagne pour me détendre avec des amis. Mes amis, Steph et Ken, avaient encore une échange maison à la campagne près de Castillon. Une autre amie, Moira y était aussi. Steph, Moira et moi, nous avons travaillé ensemble à l’école secondaire, Matthew McNair; il y a 20 ans.

Quelle belle maison! Elle était située parmi des vignobles et près de lac Cadie où nous avons nagé. Il y avait d’art des artistes de Haida Gwaii et de Kwagiulth. J’étais étonnée de voir des peintures de Ross Hunt. La météo- il faisait trop chaud. Steph, Ken, Moira et moi, nous avons fait du tourisme à St. Émilion, Dordogne, Vayres et Bordeaux. Les endroits les plus extraordinaires que j’ai vus étaient un vaste réseau de grottes et le Château Vayres. Nous avons dîné au Château avec 150 autres personnes. C’était un Dîner En Blanc et Vert après lequel nous avons pu voir le château baigné de lumière des chandelles. Ce qui m’est intéressé aussi était la ville de Bordeaux où se trouve un théâtre qui a été construit par Victor Louis. Un architecte superbe qui a influencé la fabrication des bâtiments à Paris.

Castle 4.png


(All dressed up for our Dîner en Blanc et Vert)


(Sun setting on Vayres Castle)

Pendant ma visite à Castillon, j’ai reçu des nouvelles graves; Mike, le cycliste qui a eu la crise cardiaque est décédé dimanche. Nous sommes tous tristes.

Je reste à Paris une nuit avant de revenir au Canada. Je suis enthousiaste de voir encore ma famille et mes amis à Vancouver, à Kamloops et à Port Hardy. Je suis aussi heureuse d’être encore près de la mer. J’écrirai bientôt une réflexion de mon voyage.

日本語  Japanese  Japonais

先週、私はフランスの小さい街に行きました。あそこで友達は住みやすかったです。うちは美しくてブドウ園に近かったです。すごくきれいアートもありました。KwagiulthのRoss Huntのアートを見ました。


Castle 5.png


(One of the many families dressed up for the dinner at Château Vayres)

Bord Theatre.png


(Theatre constructed by Victor Louis in Bordeaux)


もうすぐカナダヘ帰ります。家族と友達に会うことはうれしいです。Port Hardyへ帰る時にフランスの旅行の反射を書くつもりです。


Hexdan leda St. Émilion, Dordogne, Château Vayres et Bordeaux. Dux̱watłala̱n Steph, Ken, Moira.

Bord 8.png


(Upstairs at the home in the countryside near Castillon)

Bord 7.png


(Art work of Ross Hunt displayed)





3 thoughts on “My Final Week in France- À La Campagne

  1. I have so enjoyed your reflections Stacia! Enjoy the heat because it’s much cooler here. Brrr! It appears you have made many news friends during your stay and through your adventures.
    How neat that you discovered Ross Hunts art in France!
    Safe travels home soon! Hugs 😎😀🎒✈️


  2. ステイシア先生、フランスでの研修、おつかれさまでした!


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